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 Citizen Visions on Science, Technology and Innovation


CIVISTI will identify new emerging issues for European science, technology and innovation by uncovering European citizens´ visions of the future, as these are formed by the outlook, ideas, needs and concerns of the citizens, and transform them into relevant long-term science, technology and innovation issues of relevance to European research.

The output of CIVISTI will be a set of policy options/recommendations, an overview of emerging issues and priorities for science, technology and innovation, and an outlook on relevant co-operation and relations in and around future European research activities. Besides, CIVISTI will result in a novel method for citizen consultation in foresight on research needs, and in increased capacity in European citizen participation and foresight.


15-16th of May, 2009: first citizen consultation
20-22nd of April 2010: expert workshop
2nd of October, 2010: second citizen consultation
January 2011: policy workshop 

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