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Climate adaptation: the challenges for flanders


This project intends to prepare the authorities to new situations that have arisen as a consequence of climate changes. It is the duty of any government to anticipate by acting timely and by introducing an adequate climate policy on a 2020-2030 horizon.It goes without saying that the climate machine is a lot more complicated than what a computer model could possibly comprehend. As a result, each and every result of whatever prediction shows its uncertainty margins. Nevertheless, in spite of the lack of simple, quantitative data, it is the duty of whatever government to anticipate and to outline an appropriate policy to be developed over a period of 20 years.

The first part to be commissioned will aim at creating a set of decision criteria to assess the seriousness of the impact of future situations. An expert panel will comment the results, thereby providing fundamental elements of information to the policymakers on emergency situations that call for actions

The central objective of a follow-up project will be to trace a potential adaptation policy for the legislative power. The report should be complementary to the initiatives of the executive power in Flanders en will build on the results of various policy areas. This kind of thinking exercises is intended to test the accuracy of the current political instruments for future circumstances. Emergency situations that are considered as absolutely to be avoided should be timely countered by firm political action. 


Project leader: Donaat Cosaert

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