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Cyberbullying among youngsters in Flanders


Bullying is unfortunately a social phenomenon. As information and communication technology is more and more pervasive in the society, it gave rise to electronic bullying. One spreads for instance false rumours through sms or one starts scolding by e-mail (flaming). Even websites are build with the sole purpose to badger or blacken someone.

Traditional bullying among youngster has and is traditionnaly been suppressed in the school environment. Teachers can tackle nagging behaviour In the classroom and the playground. But intervening in cyberbullying is more difficult. Because it happens through PC or mobile phone, parents and teachers often don't notice nagging behaviour. Cyberbullying often pervades in the private life of the victim.

On demand of the Committee for Culture, Youth, Sport en Media of the Flemish Parliament viWTA therefore launched an exploratory study on cyberbullying among youngsters in Flanders. The project consisted in a study of literature and a survey.

Report and executive overview (Dutch and English) available: pdf

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