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General contact address:

Institute Society and Technology
Vlaams Parlement
1011 Brussel
Tel.: 02/552 40 50 - fax: 02/552 44 50

Visiting address:

House of the Flemish Representatives
Leuvenseweg 86
1011 Brussel

Route description:
The offices of the Institute Society and Technology are located in the House of the Flemish Representatives (Huis van de Vlaamse Volksvertegenwoordigers - HVV), Leuvenseweg 86, in the centre of Brussels (at the corner of Noordstraat and Leuvenseweg), in the immediate neighbourhood of the Federal Parliament (Wetstraat) and the Flemish Parliament (Hertogstraat). Leaving the Central Station, you follow the Koloniënstraat and the Treurenberg, which automatically takes you to the Leuvenseweg (back side of the Federal Parliament). If you are taking tram or subway, the closest stop or station is ‘Madou’.