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Society and Technology in the parliament


Current overview


Overview 2008

- Hearing on Non-ionizing radiation (January 2008)
- Exchange of ideas on ‘Digital Flanders’ (March 2008)
- Hearing on Youth and Gaming (April 2008)
- Resolution “Youth and Gaming” (May 2008)
- Resolution “Nanotechnology” (June 2008)

Hearing on Non-ionizing radiation (January 2008)

On January 24, a hearing has been organized in the Flemish Parliament on the risks of non-ionizing radiation in and around the home. The hearing was an initiative of the Commission Environment. The members of the Commission Welfare, Public Health and Family had been invited too. After an introduction by director Robby Berloznik, who elucidated the independent part the institute Society and Technology (formerly called viWTA) plays in the social debate, project manager Willy Weyns explained the recommendations.
With respect to the topic, on 11 March, Flemish representatives Vera Van der Borght and Bart Van Malderen have asked two additional questions to Steven Vanackere, Flemish Minister of Welfare, Public Health and Family.

Exchange of ideas on ‘Digital Flanders’ (March 2008)
On the occasion of the closing of the activities of the commission Digital Flanders of the Flemish Parliament, a meeting has been organized of the institute Society and Technology (formerly called viWTA) and the chair and reporters/monitors of the commission. On March 12, the institute has been invited to elucidate the recommendations from its viWTA studies on the relationship between ICT and society.

Hearing on Youth and Gaming (April 2008)

On the 7th of February, during a press conference on the Game Zone event in Antwerp, the results of the study ‘Youth and gaming. They don’t get enough of it!’ have been presented. The extensive media coverage has led to lots of questions to the institute Society and Technology (formerly viWTA). As a result of an interpellation of Mister Bert Anciaux, Flemish Minister of Youth, Culture, Sports, and Media by Mister Filip De Winter, the Expanded Bureau of the Flemish Parliament has asked the institute to organize a hearing in the Commission Culture, Youth, and Sports of the Flemish Parliament. That hearing has been organized on the 22th of April and the members of the Commission Economy have also been invited. Next to that, Mister Bart Van Malderen also asked a question to Mistress Patricia Ceysens, Flemish Minister of Economy, Science, and Innovation, about the follow-up with regard to the viWTA recommendation on the possibility of creating an ‘incubator’ for the Flemish gaming industry. At the invitation of Minister Patricia Ceysens, viWTA director Robby Berloznik has presented the results of the research, during an information day for the Flemish gaming industry on March 20, 2008.

Resolution “Youth and Gaming” (May 2008)

As a result of the outcome and the recommendations of the research ‘Youth and gaming’, all the majority parties and Groen! have drawn up a resolution to stop computer games from being taboo. The authors of the resolution are willing to foster the modest game industry in Flanders and to support its development. The resolution has also been support by the Federal Parliament, with a law project to extend the ‘tax shelter’ for audiovisual productions in such a way as to include games.

Resolution “Nanotechnology” (June 2008)

The activities on nanotechnology (the technology festival Nano Nu in the Flemish Parliament, at the end of 2007 and the dossier ‘Nano technology, a state of affairs’) have also been fruitful. Some work has already been done to draw up a resolution on nano science and nano technology. In that proposal, the Flemish Government is urged, among others things, to promote the research into nano science and to take into account the impact on our environment and public health. It also stresses the importance of supporting only the peaceful developments and applications.