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The creation of the Institute fits in with the objective of the Flemish Parliament to be a 'Glass house'. At the foundation on the 17th July 2000, the Flemish representatives set the target for the Institute to contribute to a transparent debate by advising on complicated issues with regard to society and technology.


illustration: globeThe guideline for the activities of the Institute Society and Technology is its ‘mission statement’, that gives an overview of the core tasks and objectives of the institute.

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Technology assessment

illustration: gearWhat does that so-called Technology Assessment (TA) mean?

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Flemish parliament and TA

illustration: logo Flemish ParliamentThe offices of the institute are situated within the House of the Flemish Representatives and the Members of the Flemish Parliament also constitute its principal target group. The Institute is made up of its Board of Directors and a Scientific Secretariat.

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illustration: silhouetWho are the people who make the Institute Society and Technology?

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Society and Technology in the Parliament

illustration: logo Flemish ParliamentThe institute in hearing,committes,...

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The Institute Society and Technology is not a unique organization. For several years, most of the parliaments in Europe have had an institute that supports the members in their political decisions on scientific and technological developments. These agencies and institutions have joined forces in the EPTA-network.

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illustration: envelopeFor more information, contact us.

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