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Gender and Technology


What is the reason for the fact that in some countries, significantly more women choose engineering studies than in Flanders? Why do boys and girls with comparable study results not move up to the same extent to the higher levels in the research world? Which relationships are there between gender and cognitive styles and how do these cognitive styles affect the choice of an education? What is the surplus of gender diversity for the research method of various disciplines? How do novel technologies affect the experience of femininity and masculinity? When and where do opinion-makers use or misuse scientific theories in support of male or female stereotypes?
The ‘gender and technology’ theme gives rise to very different questions, to some of which the Flemish government attaches special importance. It strongly believes for instance that more women should contribute their ideas to our knowledge economy. Moreover, gender mechanisms should no longer lead to unequal opportunities and inequality. A sharper gender awareness will be required to realize those changes.

The IST is preparing an essay bundle on the gender and technology theme. Acco will publish the bundle in the fall of 2011.

On 10 November 2011 — shortly before the 40th Women’s Day in Flanders — the IST organizes a conference on the theme in the Flemish Parliament. The authors of the different essays will open the debate.


Project leader: Marian Deblonde

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